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One way to succeed in anything is to associate yourself with people who are doing
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guiding you on your trading journey is seamless.

Listen and Learn

The way we learn and approach trading is different, Here at Bitex Academy we understand this and work on making everyone become a master of their craft.


Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies.


We monitor your progress and follow up on your trading journey. You have joined us and you must surely become a successful trader.


Learn our well Structured Courses at your own Pace!

The way we learn and approach trading is different, with our well-outlined courses, you have the power to hit the ground running from the start as we work on making everyone master of their craft.

At Bitex Academy, we understand we all have a different approach to learning, so we work on making everyone master of their craft. We breakdown our training, introduce our training resources, trading platforms, forums, and mode of operation. We prepare you for your journey to stardom.

We start from the basics. Regardless of your cryptocurrency knowledge or background. The aim here is to build a solid foundation. With proper guidance, we will discuss the meaning of cryptocurrency, how cryptocurrency works, and the history of cryptocurrency so far. The aim here is to get you set for the crypto journey. The first stop to fuel your journey!.

In module 2, we build upon the foundation and get you up to speed with the trading platforms. We recommend using multiple trading platforms at your convenience and a series of Instructional Video recordings will be accessible to learn at your pace. Here, you familiarize yourself with the trading environment and the exchanges used in cryptocurrency.

In Module 3, we will go through price action overview and price action breakdown with series of instructional videos that explain how to read price action charts, the basics, an overview of candlesticks, the volume analysis, and a detailed guide on support and resistance to get you up for crypto Action!

The Cryptocurrency chart patterns will be introduced in this section with a detailed guide to pattern recognition, breakdown of chart patterns, and the recognition of charts.

Price information and cryptocurrencies' live prices are crucial to identify entry and exit opportunities in trades. In Module 5, we teach you the breakdown of price action and the exclusive trading approach to price action. Here, the aim is mastering price action with a series of instructional videos on Multiple time frame analysis, mastering candlestick patterns, the breakout, and breakdown in prices, and putting everything into action to better time entry and exit opportunities.

With a good knowledge of price action, Module 6 will introduce the technical indicators. A tool that helps when one predicts the price movement of cryptocurrencies. A guide to introducing the technical indicator concepts will be followed by series of instructional videos and the practical usage of these indicators! i.e how to combine these indicators with what has been learned so far to yield effective results.

In Module 7, we will treat risk management. This is where you will learn everything there is to know about risk management! The potential risks in cryptocurrency, and risk management in cryptocurrency. We will introduce risk management in cryptocurrency and end up with instructional videos on risk to reward ratios, the position sizing in cryptocurrency, and most importantly creating and adhering to a trading management plan.

We will cover other introductory basics to cryptocurrency trading. Tutorial guides on the basics of fundamental analysis and other important points will be identified and explained.

A new leap on your journey!
Module 9 will introduce the trading strategies and breakdown the trading styles you can use in cryptocurrency trading. This is the point you identify what to trade, learn open trading, and the different strategies to approach trading, and ultimately you will identify the trading style for YOU!

There will be watchlists. We will teach you how to build a watchlist that traces the movements of your favorite cryptocurrencies. With the resources made available, you will be able to build your watchlist.

We will introduce you to trade management and give series of instructional videos and articles guide to timing entry and exit points and most importantly how to effectively and quickly cut losses on a trade. Instilling the trader’s killer instinct in you.

In this module, we will introduce you to trading setups and discuss the essential tips to trading in cryptocurrencies. Emphasis will be laid on day trading; the day trading setups, Day trading steps, and we will give instructional videos with notable examples of day trading setups.

In this module, we will discuss another trading style, the swing trading approach. Here, we will introduce the trading concept and discuss swing trading setups, the approach to swing trading steps, and give examples of this trading setup.

Trading has to do mostly with mindset. Here, we will discuss the mindset factor in trading. Cover an extensive guide on trading psychology, how to master one’s mind to develop a successful trader mindset.

As a follow-up on trading psychology, we will treat the emotional factors attached to trading. Here, we introduce and discuss concepts like fear, hope, greed, and other emotional factors connected to trading and give guides and tips to master one’s emotion while trading.

Trading is now becoming a habit! In this module, we will introduce the trader’s mindset and discuss how to develop a trader’s mindset. You will learn to think like a trader, develop your trading framework, and ultimately the magic dose to becoming a killer trader.

Here, we will discuss how to design a trading plan and the discipline of sticking to your trading plan. Always remember, a trading plan is a massive weapon a trader must always hold.

Here, we will do a recap of all trading concepts learned and discussed. By now, we are certain you have been fully equipped with the perfect trading formula. The power is now in your hand henceforth to become an independent trader, but remember, we are always with you all through your trading journey. Keep in touch if you have questions or inquiries and you can subscribe to exclusive signals to get more profits consistently!

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Before you consider joining Bitex Academy, you must understand that trading is not for everybody.
We will appreciate only serious minded people who are ready to get started with trading for long term success and are willing to invest in growing this skillset.
We provide all the information and equip you for your trading journey but to truly get your trading skills skyrocketing we need your commitment and dedication. If you are not ready for that, help us not to waste precious time as we love to hear success stories!
Are you ready to kickstart your journey and build up this skill?

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Whenever you think of how to learn and profit from cryptocurrency, think of Bitex Academy.
Our crypto courses will help get you up to speed.

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No, we don’t take money from people to invest for them. Rather we teach you how to invest and trade yourself and you enjoy your profits yourself. Also, we will never inbox you or call you asking for money. Beware of fraudsters.

Your account will be active for a total of 12 months from your initial registration date if you subscribed for the online training. For other subscription types (Signal), it may vary based on the subscription type you opted for.

The training has been carefully structured to accommodate all leveled traders. Ranging from beginners with absolutely no previous knowledge regarding Crypto to experienced traders looking to take their trading to the next level, we’ve got you covered!

Our training is open to everyone! As long as the willingness to learn is there, the training is open to all.

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The key Approach in our Formulae

The way we learn and approach trading is different, Hold onto these
6 tips, as you grow better.

Think Possibilities

Understand there is possibility you will win big and on other days lose some.

No model Answer

No Model Response in cryptocurrency trading and investment, decisions are made on the GO.

Trust the Process

You will not become rich overnight with cryptocurrency, learn and grow.

Financial Education

Knowledge of the financial situation of the world will help in cryptocurrency investment.

Theories may not work

The Market is Volatile, so pre-planned or known theories may let you down.

No Failure, Just Feedback

Do not take loss or dissapointments as failure, remember, you are growing!

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