We are a group of dedicated crypto traders, analysts and mentors who aims to reduce the failure rate of crypto traders and create financial freedom.

Who We Are!

We equip you to invest and make profits from cryptocurrency trading
Here are what we offer in three steps!

Crytocurrency Training

With our well-outlined courses, you have the power to hit the ground running from the start. An intuitive experience.

Trading Signals

Our extensive Support ensure your needs are met around the clock. No matter who or where you are.


If you want to go far with Bitex Academy, we are here to take you through your crypto journey.

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Our Work Process

Our Work process and approach to guiding you on your trading journey is seamless.

Listen and Learn

The way we learn and approach trading is different, Here at Bitex Academy we understand this and work on making everyone become a master of their craft.


Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies.


We monitor your progress and follow up on your trading journey. You have joined us and you must surely become a successful trader.


What we Do

Bitex Academy offers programs and learning
techniques that accommodate seamless learning opportunities for everyone

Educate Beginners

Our crypto courses and guides will help get you up to speed.

Bridge the Gap

We teach you how crypto is changing the world's impression about finance.

Educate the Pros

We teach the trading styles and psychologies that makes a trader a better one

Community Forum

Learn to become a better trader interacting with strong traders.

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