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Get Equipped with the Perfect Formula

We are here to put the power in your hands to become
an independent trader, learn trading the right way with
us today.

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The aim is to trade WELL and not
just trade OFTEN.

A Trader who wants to succeed in Trading must develop patience and eliminate greed.
Learn trading the BITEX WAY!


New to cryptocurrency? No problem.

Whenever you think of how to learn and profit from cryptocurrency, think of Bitex Academy.
Our crypto courses will help you get up to speed.

Well Structured Courses

With our well-outlined courses, you have the power to hit the ground running from the start -- An intuitive experience .

24/7 Live Chat

Our extensive Support ensure your needs are met around the clock -- no matter who or where you are.


We are here to take you through your crypto journey, if you want to go far with Bitex Academy .






% Profit (Previous Month)



We Guide you on your path to perfection

The way we learn and approach trading is different, Here at Bitex Academy we understand this and work on making everyone become a master of their craft.

To become the Successful trader you want to be, here are 3 major reasons why you must think of Bitex Academy whenever you think of how to profit from cryptocurrency.

  • Transparency - Every trade can be found in our channel, no deleted calls, no bullshit!
  • Consistency - You can see we made profits every single week!
  • Efficiency - We trade in any market bull or bear!
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Interested in Exclusive Signals?

Are you an expert crypto-trader, but wants regular and effective exclusive signals that will help you make maximum profits?

Listen, Learn , Practice, Review

One way to succeed in anything is to associate yourself with people who are doing
excellently well in that field. Our Work process and approach to
guiding you on your trading journey is seamless.

Listen and Learn

The way we learn and approach trading is different, Here at Bitex Academy we understand this and work on making everyone become a master of their craft.


Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies.


We monitor your progress and follow up on your trading journey. You have joined us and you must surely become a successful trader.


Customers' Testimony

Testimonies are proves that something is working quite well. See what our trading graduates and those who subscribed to our exclusive signals have to say about us.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere!
Learn the Bitex way

We have discovered that learning at your own speed and convenient time is one of the factors that help assimilate properly, this is part of our approach at bitex Academy.

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Every trade and performance statistics can be found in our channel, no deleted calls, no bullshit!

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We have a refferal system that works for all. You can choose to earn through us as you learn with us.

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Our users' security is our priority. So user's information is safe with us.

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Earn a certificate

Our academy issues certificate that shows you have succesfully undergone training with us.

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Upskill your organization

Personal development is our major concern here. We train you to gain and maintain your portfolio.

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Online E-Learning Platform

Learn at your comfort zone with our training slides and videos.

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Interactive Traders community

Access to an energetic community of traders to get inspiration, generate ideas and make friends and have fun!

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24/7 Monitoring and Support

We are with you all the way on your journey to becoming a killer trader!

Frequently Asked Questions!

The following are frequently asked questions about the services we render, if you cannot find answers to your questions here, kindly get in touch through the contact section


No, we don’t take money from people to invest for them. Rather we teach you how to invest and trade yourself and you enjoy your profits yourself. Also, we will never inbox you or call you asking for money. Beware of fraudsters.

Your account will be active for a total of 12 months from your initial registration date if you subscribed for the online training. For other subscription types (Signal), it may vary based on the subscription type you opted for.

The training has been carefully structured to accommodate all leveled traders. Ranging from beginners with absolutely no previous knowledge regarding Crypto to experienced traders looking to take their trading to the next level, we’ve got you covered!

Our training is open to everyone! As long as the willingness to learn is there, the training is open to all.

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