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We teach the right
Trading Approach

We are here to put the power in your hands to become
an independent trader, learn trading the right way with
us today.

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The aim is to trade WELL and not
just trade OFTEN.

Learn trading the BITEX WAY! with this 3 Offers

Crytocurrency Training

With our well-outlined courses, you have the power to hit the ground running from the start. An intuitive experience.

Trading Signals

Our extensive Support ensure your needs are met around the clock. No matter who or where you are.


If you want to go far with Bitex Academy, we are here to take you through your crypto journey.

Listen, Learn , Practice, Review

One way to succeed in anything is to associate yourself with people who are doing
excellently well in that field. Our Work process and approach to
guiding you on your trading journey is seamless.

Listen and Learn

The way we learn and approach trading is different, Here at Bitex Academy we understand this and work on making everyone become a master of their craft.


Build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies.


We monitor your progress and follow up on your trading journey. You have joined us and you must surely become a successful trader.


Interested in Exclusive Signals?

Are you an expert in trading but wants regular and effective exclusive signals that will help you make maximum profits?

Our Approach to Learn

Whenever you think of how to learn and profit from cryptocurrency, think of Bitex Academy.
Our crypto courses will help get you up to speed.

100% online

All our courses and guides are online, so you can learn anywhere and anytime.

Guided Projects

Alongside our online courses, we give some guided projects to ensure our students are on the right track.


Upon completion of our courses, we offer professional certificates and guide you to become a killer trader.






% Profit (Previous Month)



The key Approach in our Formulae

The way we learn and approach trading is different, Hold onto these
6 tips, as you grow better.

Think Possibilities

Understand there is possibility you will win big and on other days lose some.

No model Answer

No Model Response in cryptocurrency trading and investment, decisions are made on the GO.

Trust the Process

You will not become rich overnight with cryptocurrency, learn and grow.

Financial Education

Knowledge of the financial situation of the world will help in cryptocurrency investment.

Theories may not work

The Market is Volatile, so pre-planned or known theories may let you down.

No Failure, Just Feedback

Do not take loss or dissapointments as failure, remember, you are growing!

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