In the investment world, the best-known way to amass wealth is to invest, re-invest, and reinvest.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

The following are frequently asked questions about the services we render, if you cannot find answers to your questions here, kindly get in touch through the contact section


No, we don’t take money from people to invest for them. Rather we teach you how to invest and trade yourself and you enjoy your profits yourself. Also, we will never inbox you or call you asking for money. Beware of fraudsters.

Your account will be active for a total of 12 months from your initial registration date if you subscribed for the online training. For other subscription types (Signal), it may vary based on the subscription type you opted for.

The training has been carefully structured to accommodate all leveled traders. Ranging from beginners with absolutely no previous knowledge regarding Crypto to experienced traders looking to take their trading to the next level, we’ve got you covered!

Our training is open to everyone! As long as the willingness to learn is there, the training is open to all.

Learn More About Our Signals

With our exclusive signal, we will help you to identify potential good altcoins setups.
Anyone can make money in a bull market, but here at Bitex,
we can make you money even in a bear market!

Why Join Bitex Exclusive?

  • Early market entries & calls.
  • Educational content and mentoring.
  • Active 24/7 Trading chat and profit room.
  • Mastering Our Trading Strategies.
  • Access to our signal Bot.
  • We are confident in getting you profit!

Exclusive Signals' Pricing

If you will like to be successful in crypto trading and also enjoy these huge profits coming in back to back, why not join us today and be part of our Bitex Exclusive Group!

  • 1 Month: $100
  • 3 Months: $300
  • 6 Months: $600
  • 12 Months: $1,000


Our signals are meant for those who already know how to trade. You need to know the fundamentals of trading to ensure efficient use of our signals.

Legal Disclaimer:

In addition to the signals we provide, ensure you carry out further research before investing in any cryptocurrency as the market is highly volatile. We are not a financial advisor, we are a team of highly professional analysis experts and the signals we provide is subject to the markets’ unstable state..

Customers' Testimony

Testimonies are proves that something is working quite well. See what our trading graduates and those who subscribed to our exclusive signals have to say about us.


One way to succeed in anything is to associate yourself with people who are doing excellently well in that field. Whenever you think of how to profit from cryptocurrency, think of bitex academy. Let us make your dream of becoming a successful trader a reality.

Why Wait? Waiting to invest is like saving to spend instead of saving to invest!

The key Approach in our Formulae

The way we learn and approach trading is different, Hold onto these
6 tips, as you grow better.

Think Possibilities

Understand there is possibility you will win big and on other days lose some.

No model Answer

No Model Response in cryptocurrency trading and investment, decisions are made on the GO.

Trust the Process

You will not become rich overnight with cryptocurrency, learn and grow.

Financial Education

Knowledge of the financial situation of the world will help in cryptocurrency investment.

Theories may not work

The Market is Volatile, so pre-planned or known theories may let you down.

No Failure, Just Feedback

Do not take loss or dissapointments as failure, remember, you are growing!

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